ETHICA – according to Baruch de Spinoza

Swiss premiere of the cycle by Daniel Péter Biró

Basel - Musik-Akademie | JazzCampus Hall

Daniel Peter Biro

"Spinoza und das intuitive Wissen" (in German)
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Hindrichs, Professor of Philosophy at the Univeryity of Basel

"Ethica" by Dániel Péter Biró (Swiss premiere)

In the framework of the project “Ethica”, Dániel Péter Biró completes his large-scale cycle of compositions based on the philosophy of Baruch de Spinoza. While Biró sets Spinoza’s concepts of perception to music, they become an integral part of his musical thinking, as the cycle fully derives its musical form and material from these theories. The composer also relates Spinoza’s concept of space and location to the modern philosophy of mind and reflects on his own place in today’s globalised world.

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