Philippe Leroux

A musical portrait


Philipp Leroux

Philippe Leroux is one of the protagonists of the French musique mixte scene. For many years, he has been composing masterpieces of this genre where electronic music and acoustic instruments seamlessly mix – always in close collaboration with the IRCAM in Paris. 

The question “Quid sit musicus?” or “What is a musician?” was raised by the Roman scholar Boethius in the 6th century. Using this question as a title and by juxtaposing and reuniting medieval music with contemporary literature, Leroux seeks for an answer in his piece for vocal quartet, guitar, cello and live electronics.

Selected compositions by Leroux will be contrasted by the music of Guillaume de Machaut – performed by the vocal soloists of SCHOLA HEIDELBERG and the instrumentalists of ensemble aisthesis, directed by Walter Nußbaum.

As part of a panel discussion, Leroux will give insights into his artistic process.

The event is a collaboration with the German-French culture club Heidelberg.